Ipod touch digital photography

24” x 18” framed in black to 28” x 22”


Abandoned #98 — Plywood and Pleats


I saw that shanty, too

Abandoned #98

How many more have been abandoned?

Man tired of Mother Nature’s persistent claim for her possessions….

Not one, but two, counting the doors at #98


I saw that shanty driving to Jacksonville

that crumbling shanty caught my eye

I stopped.  I snapped a picture.  I wondered….


Who once lived there?

Where did they go?

Why did they leave?

Who owns it now?

Why doesn’t someone fix it?


Door #1

why the plywood?

What happened inside?


Door #2

Someone loved it, the evidence remains:

Pleated curtains, sewn and hung,

Ceiling to floor, colors undecipherable,

fabric faded by the sun….


I pictured in my mind…

Two hard working families…

Little Mikey in his baseball cap

Ready to play across the street 

hit a home run straight through the window…

Dad with his hammer, blocked the rain….

Mikey’s rear end hurt with pain


Next door, little Sarah, pinafore circles her calico dress,

hanky in her pocket with her nickel for the offering plate

Sarah’s mother stirs Sunday beef stew

Pa, in his best suit, ties his derby shoe laces


But where did they go?

Did Florence move in to reclaim their home?

Money too scarce to mend missing shingles,

molded walls, mud packed floors

Abandoned when the river rose, abandoned hope

Mother Nature struck again, and again and again


Florida’s finger sticking out can host more than one in a year

Florence’s sister Katrina swerved to Louisiana to sing the blues

Brother Harvey chose Houston, worse than Katrina

Sent people packing with displacement and flooding


So where do they go, the displaced and hungry?

How do they survive this story unending

Mother Nature’s eternal determination, rebirths her children

of wind and water, earth and fire, 

The constant threat to mankind’s desires….


—  © Barbara Hall


inspired by the photograph Abandoned #98 Plywood and Pleats (10-10-2015) by Ellen Martin




Ghost Plaza


Blanked and shadowed

once curtained and live

the cratered parking lot

the power lines to nowhere

the mismatched plywood for eyes

yet can see, smell the luxe drapes 

dripping sad theater where once

little ladies with purses sat for hours

beneath bulbous dryers, unaware 

of the traffic and teen terrors beyond


Are there still stray coins perhaps

amid the slaughtered floor tiles 

ones that might tell tales of transactions 

good and bad and heated, when there 

was once the throbbing of life?


—  © Allen Shadow



inspired by the photograph Abandoned #98 Plywood and Pleats (10-10-2015) by Ellen Martin





I was born in New York City, on the Museum Mile. 

My backyards were Riverside Drive Park and Central Park. The Museum of Natural History was my “home” museum with regular visits to see the rocks and bones. The Museum of the City of New York, and the Cloisters were also close friends. Later, The Met, the MoMA, the Brooklyn Museum, and the old Whitney became my second homes.


Around nine, I moved to Brooklyn, where I later received my BA in Art History from Brooklyn College. Shortly after that, I left the great city and my life took a different turn.

I became an artist in December of 2008, and did non-objective acrylic paintings from then until April of 2015 when I started a series of iPod touch digital photographs called Abandoned. The series was borne of a short-lived rejection, but gradually dove deeper and deeper into the depths of abandonment.


I have work as a Marketing Director, and been an artists’ representative, and an art consultant. I live and work in New Jersey where I am currently a Curator at the Oyster Point Gallery in Red Bank. In 2015, I started an online gallery, The Jersey Artist Registry, to showcase the talent of New Jersey photographers, painters and sculptors.


Education: B.A., Art History, Brooklyn College, CUNY, Brooklyn, NY

"Abandoned #98 Plywood and Pleats (10-10-2015)" Ellen Martin


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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