Digital illustration

12" x 18" framed in black




I am an art director/designer who lives in Manasquan at the Jersey Shore. As a child, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a pencil in my hand. If there was a surface near I drew on it. In the 7th grade, I won the poster contest for the Annual Parents/Teachers Basketball Game.  prize? A $5 check! That achievement set me off on my quest into the art field. 


I am an art director who has been in pharmaceutical advertising for my entire career, working primarily in New Jersey agencies and having freelanced in New York and Philadelphia agencies. I am also a dying breed, in that I display excellent traditional sketch skills with a pencil marker-- OLD SCHOOL!When not working I enjoy bike riding by the ocean, painting, cooking, I love music, I play the drums, and I am now heavily into illustrating on my IPad Pro.

"And the Band Begins to Play" Richard Cali