Steel, granite and clay

7.5" x 6.25" 




"Line, shape, form – their inspiration is infinite. Form itself drives me to make sculpture, whether it’s the physical form of an object I find or the explosion of imagined forms in my head. I’ve always tried to preserve the integrity of the objects that I incorporate into my sculpture. I’ve been collecting raw materials my whole life, but since 2003 the materials have primarily come from the construction sites I’ve worked on. Having respect for fallen pieces of history seems like a lost art. I incorporate steel and mixed media, such as stone and wood, in a unified shape. I factor in different components such as size and weight, sometimes using asymmetry and abstract methods, to convey a shape that would otherwise be awkward to view or experience. It’s essential to stand back while viewing my pieces as a whole composition before focusing on the smaller details."

"Angel" Michael Ciccone


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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