“August Moon II”

Oil on linen

8” x 8”


Inspired by the poem Full Moon In August by Ellen McKay



Full Moon In August


The forest floor shines like tarnished silver.
Plum Moon the Shawnee call it.
Rose orb of the open fruit
in the gloss of night, purple-dark. 

I bathe in this light, soft as water,
In its cool gleam I soften,
my jagged edges polished smooth,
what was in shadow now revealed,
my gaze now lucid, clear. 

Cross-hatched pen and ink,
a jeweler’s tool carved this shimmer
on boulder and stone, pebble and bark,
pale luster on the lobed leaves of oaks
and the silver birch in its own element, moonlight. 

Green Corn Moon, Barley Moon,
white kernel swathed in corn silk,
at first sight you took me by surprise—
like coming upon a wild creature in the wood,
sitting there, looking at me. 

The moon is a snowy owl
in the upper limbs of the tallest fir,
she floats from the branch, a blossom hovering—
instant of pure white,
oblique light, feathered light. 

Kindred moon, my rhythm falls in
with your ebb and flow, I sway,
easy as sleeping breath,
bathed in your milk, opalescent,
fragrance of forest musk
from dusk to dawn.


—  © Ellen McKay





Linda Lynton is a British born artist now living in Woodstock after a journalistic/editorial career in New York City. She returned to her first love, Art, in 2013 and focuses on all aspects of nature, from sweeping landscapes to detailed drawings of small natural elements all found in the Hudson Valley. She uses two genres--oil painting and ink drawing--to express her deep respect for nature and wild places. Her plein air and studio work in oils is vigorous, active and colorful, having been influenced by her experiences in India with its vibrant tropical palette. Her ink drawings (often enhanced with natural dyes) expresses her fascination with the detailed use of line, stemming from many childhood experiences with Persian miniatures and botanical art.

"August Moon II" Linda Lynton