Woodcut 3/24

4" x 6" framed in black wood to 9.5" x 12.5"


inspired by the poem 




asters, goldenrod, glistening bronze

burning bush, rising in tangled branches

on banks of the brown-green stream 

flowing slowly

through farm fields, down 

from hills blazoned 

with firs, oaks, maples,

the stream now quickening, cutting

through rock, above a path 

winding with pine trees ,

the torrent now plunging

into a chasm, then eddying 

around a mossy, tree-shadowed islet--

and walking down the path

to the small promontory with a jutting  hemlock

I can feel my restless heart becoming 

rested, rooted,


in an all-seasons mooring,

anchorite like the great

blue heron whose wide

slate-blue wings I watch    

slowly lift and soar

into the sky, beyond the sedge

and flaming leaves of the euonymus bush

at the river’s edge. 


— © Elizabeth Shafer





For over fifty years I’ve worked in various art media: primarily in oil painting,  but also in stonecarving, pastels and woodblock printing. My work is mostly figurative, but I always try to convey the spirit beyond my subject, whether this is a figure painting, landscape, or still-life.


I studied at the Art Students’ League in NYC during the 1960’s--1980’s, and at the Woodstock School of Art from about 1990-- 2005.  After hiatus of ten years (when I was writing, and doing advocacy work as a lawyer and Board Member of the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy) I’ve gone back to WSA, where I’m currently taking printmaking courses.     


In the last few years I’ve taken courses at the Center for Book Arts in NYC on Japanese bookbinding. in which we learned how to make books, mostly about  6” x  9”,  in the hanshi  tradition.  I’m also interested in writing, and have been trying to write poems and illustrate them with woodcuts to make hanshi books.

"Autumn Anchor" Elizabeth Shafer


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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