Acrylic and metallic pigment on linen

20" x 20" 




My paintings are molded by the emotional and intellectual experiences of my life.   What is conveyed is the integrity of the moment.


The works are atmospheric and mysterious in nature as well as sensual.

The paintings have a slow, soft sense of movement. I work from an intuitive place creating layers and allowing the moment to inform me. I’m amazed that whether I’m using a brush, pallet knife or pouring paint my marks and gestures are uniquely my own and consistent.

I consider myself an expressionist action painter. Self-taught, I enjoy the challenge and the experience of various mediums that are available to create with. I work with light and color in my work, whether I’m pouring paint, or using a pallet knife or brush.  I’m interested in how colors interact or react to each other.


Abstraction has been the direction of my work for decades. I find it honest and perpetually changing just as we all are.

My influences are the color field painters such as Rothko, Kelly, Lewis, and Jenkins, among others. Will Barnet was a great inspiration. I knew him well and he mentored me in a way that taught me freedom. Our work is different but the understanding of creating and staying in the moment were gifts he imparted to me. I find that I shift from time to time into different styles. I use the shift as an opportunity to explore inner feelings and changes in my own life. I believe all that I do is influenced by my daily experiences and the world that surrounds me.

"Before Night" Charlotte Tusch


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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