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altered & recombined vintage photo postcards on handmade paper

4” x 6” framed in natural wood to 8.75" x 10.75"


Artwork is matted with an acid-free mat and framed in a solid hardwood, natural blonde finish frame




“Due to industrialization, improved transportation, an increase in leisure time and the wanderlust generated by landscape painting and photography, the 1900's saw an expansion in fascination with and exploration of the environment. 


Prior to email, texting, Instagram and Twitter, the postcard was an economical and relatively immediate means of connecting and communicating, sending a few lines of text with a relevant and compelling visual image. Trysts, picnics, walks, hikes, swimming camping and boating excursions fueled the sentiment “wish you were here”. The innate impulse to share one's experience found expression in the iconic photo-postcards of the 1900's. For one cent, notification of a delay in plans, sharing an inspirational view or a destination safely reached could be easily and quickly communicated. 


Photo-postcards provide an intriguing, subtle and intimate format to explore worlds unlimited in association, memory and history. Upon altering the images by weaving multiple views together, the pixelated scenes become intriguing alternate visions of a reality suspended from their original context. Observation is a personal modification of the visual information one receives. The aged quality of the photograph informs and enhances the varied combinations creating simultaneous vantage points. They playfully represent the merging of a vision of history, the moments caught and the subjective impressions which through the passage of time have been transformed.”

"Brooklyn Bridge” Carole P. Kunstadt

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