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Pastel and Ink

12.5” x 24.5” framed in white wood to 20.25” x 32.25”


This art inspired the poem




I’m one of the others they want you to fear.

Not the dark skinned other. No. Not one of them.

I’m white, and as such, superiority is in my genes. 

So go ahead. Call me a nigger. Tell me all lives matter.


I’m one of the others they warned you about.

Not a rapist or a job stealer. No. Not one of them.

I’m American born and that makes me red-white-and-blue chip.

So go ahead. Call me a wetback. Scream at me to go home where I belong. 


I’m one of the others they use to scare you.

Not Syrian or a Muslim. No. Not one of them.

I’m Christian and the U-S-A! U-S-A! cards are stacked in my favor. 

So go ahead. Call me a sand monkey. Rip the hijab off my head.


I’m one of the others they want you to objectify and debase.

Not a feminist or a pussy. No. Not one of them. 

I’m male and my penis gives me elevated status.

So go ahead. Pay me less. Grab at my crotch.


No. My otherness is not that easily identified.
But go ahead America and call me a homo anyway. 

A fudge packer.

A faggot. 


You may as well, because — whether you meant it or not — your vote
told me that you are helping carve out a new reality. That you approve of this 

rhetoric. This hate. Now, take my hand and look me in the eye. Tell this other 

that you support and love me. And maybe I’ll find it in my heart to believe it.



— © Robert P. Langdon




As a former dancer, I attempt to capture the timeless energy of movement in my drawings. I approach each drawing as a new choreography. Saturation of color amidst intricate lines and shapes is my medium of transmission.  Juncture and intersection of line frequently inform me alongside motion, division of space, and observation of light. I employ pencil, pastel and ink on paper. I begin by drawing various marks that dance around on the paper, which my imagination then uses to create contrasting textual designs. The subtraction or simplification by erasure affords me the continuation of layering my materials to develop a repertoire of complexity of movement.


 This process is the foundation of my work.  As each drawing is created, I instinctively know when it is completed and the performance is done.  It is truly wonderful to be able to enjoy this dance-of-art and share it with you.

"Carving Out Reality" Diane Christi

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