Monotype, collaged papers, oil crayon

8" x 10"



I have been doing collage work for as long as I can remember. What started as cutting images from magazines to create amusing or arresting compositions based mostly on the messages imbedded in the magazines themselves has become a life-long pursuit of communication through our shared complex visual language. Collage allows me to connect seemingly disconnected images into a whole that, even in a two-dimensional format, feels a bit like seeing the images through time. As if the visual stimulation and accompanying thoughts during a stroll down the street could be brought together on the picture plane. Impressions, musings, and feelings all translated to shapes, textures, colors, and images through the magic of collage. In much of my current collage work, I am trying to investigate the emotions around desire and memory. Yearning, longing, fantasy, delusion… states of being sometimes outside of our control and emotions embedded deep in our memories. By combining elements in layers and abstracting images, I am attempting to create a picture that provokes the viewer to explore their own veiled heart.

"City of Light" Joan Ffolliott