Pastel on paper

19" x 19"


inspired by the poem "Monday" by Robert P Langdon




Welcome the close of day

with vodka and bitter tonic.

Twist of lime.

Leave the corporate world

to sunlight rays

as grooves of jelly jar pints

circle my lips

like hula-hoops.


Pool players

knee deep in competition

capture my attention.

Stripes and solids

bullet from side to side

dueling on velvet green.

Their boastful collisions

blend with the rhythm

trickling from the jukebox.


Stevie Nicks,

the white winged dove,

sings of addiction.

Her liquored breath strips me

of my three pieced mask

and I ease into repose.


Worries of the day

are easily forgotten.

Clients snuggle down.

Voice mail messages mount

resigned to 9 to 5.

Forgotten until

alarm clock laughs 6 a.m.


Routine wraps me in

Tuesday’s skin.


—  © Robert P. Langdon




As a former dancer, I attempt to capture the timeless energy of movement in my drawings. I approach each drawing as a new choreography. Saturation of color amidst intricate lines and shapes is my medium of transmission.  Juncture and intersection of line frequently inform me alongside motion, division of space, and observation of light. I employ pencil, pastel and ink on paper. I begin by drawing various marks that dance around on the paper, which my imagination then uses to create contrasting textual designs. The subtraction or simplification by erasure affords me the continuation of layering my materials to develop a repertoire of complexity of movement.


 This process is the foundation of my work.  As each drawing is created, I instinctively know when it is completed and the performance is done.  It is truly wonderful to be able to enjoy this dance-of-art and share it with you.

"Contemplation" Diane Christi


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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