Oil on canvas

20” x 30”




town green


as a bird in flight

light on her bared feet

her dance

her expression 


no music

the crowd quiets

no sound





and twirls



the unexpected spectators 


in a trance

unleashing her soul

into a beautiful performance

of unrehearsed steps 

captivating the audience

they with bated breaths


her triple whirl

might end in a fall


the grand finale 

a pirouette and bow

leaving all speechless

and in awe 



continue on

pass the town green


—  © gwynneth green



inspired by the painting Dancing In the Green by Marjorie Magid



“Although I paint recognizable subjects - people, animals, store windows, and landscapes - I do not intend for my art to be realistic. I take what I see and try to make it more intense. Color is my focus and through blending and layering I strive to make my images radiate from the canvas.


My favorite subjects are cinched waist Victorian ladies, dancing couples, Billy (my adorable King Charles Cavalier), wild animals, and scenes from my travels. I also love transforming tiny sepia family photos into large full color portraits. I paint in both oil and acrylic, preferring the sensuality of the former, but deferring to the relative odorlessness of the latter when painting at home. My other favorite activity is gardening, which in its own way allows me to play with shapes and colors.”

"Dancing In the Green" Marjorie Magid


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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