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Oil on old linen

6" x 24" 




Jeff is a pastime artist who lives in Saugerties, concentrating mostly on pen & ink illustration type art which was learned from many years of free hand technical & graphic drafting in his Professional Engineering career.  He uses what would now be considered old fashion technical pens & materials, which are now difficult to find commercially.   He also enjoys acrylic paintings, mostly portraits.  Jeff is Chief Engineer, Operations Division, for NYC Bureau of Water Supply for all reservoirs & aqueducts west of the Hudson River.  Jeff is active in the community and has a jam-packed lifestyle.  He is a member and past Commander of the  the Sons of the American Legion Post 72, he is past Chairman of the Village of Saugerties Planning Board and now a Village Trustee on the Village Board, and depending on enrollment, adjunct professor for sophomore level hydraulics course at UCCC.  For hobbies, in addition to art, he enjoys fishing, and is an accomplished electric guitar player sometimes filling in local bands at bar gigs.  Jeff’s mother was an artist and art teacher in the mid-west where he grew up and art was learned by “osmosis” from his mother and several fine arts / studio arts classes in college.

"Dawn of War" Jeffrey Helmuth

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