Mixed media coillage

6” x 8” framed to 11” x 12”


this work inspired the poem 




the wizard awakens as crows and ravens call his name

he stands tall in the mystical ether, white light swirls around him

he holds his ruby crystal amulet high with bony fingers

mankind, damaged by war, pestilence, ancient crucifixion, redemption

gathers wisdom captive in the glowing red orb


the ravens and crows have escaped to warn mankind:

the reversal has begun, native myths warned of this day of emergence

The Akashic Record Book has opened, the task done:

tablets of the past, present and future, unified with the Source, are open


the ruby crystal encapsulating the divine book of remembrance reveals all:

karmic debt, blockage, dreams, accomplishments, names etched in eternity

the tiny white dot of light now grows and glows red

the fire of knowledge has been lit


— © Barbara Hall




On a day like this 

all the gulls are winging 

away from the maelstrom, 

all the sparrows, 

blackbirds, all other feathered 

kin are taking flight, 


frightened of what grows, 

radiates, pulses light

at the center of this day: 

some rock uplifted, 

in transubstantiation becoming 

the crystalline beacon 

of the world. 


On a day like today 

any crown would be metallic 

like the silver one 

that hovers in the sky. 

O such a magnetic band. 


Hands, hands, hands uncuffed, 

unshackled, unhindered, 

unrestrained, hover, 

with rusty wounds they suffer 

their stigmatas.  They sign 

a silent, prayerful language: 


love, love, love emerging 

despite all darkness 

from below.  


— © Patrick Hammer, Jr. 





My narrative mixed media sculptures and collages incorporate found objects and depict provocative themes. I address environmental and societal toxicity through 3D "cautionary tales" about contemporary issues. The incorporation of discarded, manufactured litter "litter"-ally illustrates these tales. I work in various media, including collage, painting, and sculpture. The characters and settings are iconic and range from prehistoric to futuristic - strange and fabulous creatures and animals, fossilized dinosaurs, mythical unicorns, aliens and humans or just body parts. Most of my sculptures feature my handmade clay and plaster figures built upon bits of metal or rock, along with salvaged materials that may be left as is or manipulated through carving and painting. They are then integrated into conceptual diorama settings with trompe l'oeil or surrealistic backgrounds which become powerful assemblages imbued with spirituality and raw emotion.

"Emergence" Debra Friedkin


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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