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8" x 10" framed 





Linda is an artist and a retired art educator from the Onteora School District. Linda began her love for art by painting realistic watercolors, then moved on to Chinese Brush painting and taught it to her students at Onteora, Linda still teaches Chinese Brush painting workshops in the northeast, After retiring, Linda decided to move more towards the abstract. At the Woodstock School of Art she studied abstraction with Meredith Rosier. She also studied print making with Kate McGloughlin and Anthony Kirk in an abstract style. Discovering her love for the abstract she has moved on to collage using pre-existing watercolors and prints.Her work has been exhibited at the Orange County Community College, Lev Shalem, WAAM (juried show), ASK (members show), Kleinart-James Gallery of Byrdcliffe (5x7 show), Woodstock School of Art (student show), and Mid Hudson Valley Credit union.

"Exuberant" Linda Schultz

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