Mixed media on paper

18" x 24" framed




I am moved by the allure of the macabre.  There is a delicate beauty within the dark layers of harsh corrosion in my work.  Layers of decay and disintegration uncover hidden imagery that appears to have been lost and forgotten; rediscovered after such a long time.  Each work has a story to tell—secrets to reveal.  There is a strange timelessness, almost antiquated feeling to my work, which evokes a haunting sense of loneliness.

Painting, sculpture, and mixed media are the standard forms in which I work.  Many of my works include a combination of painting, drawing and a variety of found objects that had been discarded, repurposed and re-imagined.  I keep many collections akin to my work; aged dirty relics, lost or forgotten, slowly breaking down, or falling apart, finding new meaning and purpose within the compositions I create.

"Forlorn Lovers" Christy O'Connor