Acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36"




Michael Wagner graduated with a BA in Fine Art at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. With a concentration in Graphic Design and Art History, Michael developed a fascination for portrait painting early on. Drawn to Photorealism, his admiration for artists such as Sebastian Kruger, Jota Leal and others, fits him in a niche of eclectic artists whose portrait interpretations embody other forms of art making, such as caricature and gestural figuration. His approach to painting stems not only from his graphic design background, but also his training as a forensic sketch artist for the Stamford Police Department. His unique training reflects the way he looks at the world, particularly how the complexities of the face are expressive—a mirror into what lies deep in a person. A divergent thinker, and collector of images for source and inspiration, Michael continues to push the boundaries of portraiture.


Michael lives and works in his studio in Stamford, Connecticut, a mere hour away from the creative hub of New York City. His work has been displayed predominantly in the United States. Currently, his work is exhibiting at the LAA Artist Loft Gallery and Studio in Stamford.

"George, Paul, John, Ringo 1964"