Mixed media collage (watercolor, ink, acrylic, photo collage) on mylar

24" x 30"




Cautionary Tales/2018 

Jane Dell


My series of mixed media collages on Mylar and acrylic/collage paintings on canvas are intended to take the viewers on an expressionistic and dreamlike journey inspired by human impact on the environment, which has both practical and psychological results. The images are constructed from my large collection of photographic materials, old books and magazines combined with my drawings and painting, using acrylic paints, mediums and watercolor inks.


The subjects include animals, fantastical human forms, and contemporary debris that exist within a landscape of imagined chaos. Very often the scene is constructed from the subjects’ point of view, as if the animals and fantastical forms are telling the story. The result is a curious universe, a cautionary place that’s disturbing, but perhaps hopeful. It is a world where familiar elements are combined to depict an imaginary dystopia. 


"Goat Lab" Jane Dell