Palladium print on 22 Karat gold leaf

9" x 10.5"




What I take pictures of, is not necessarily what I see. There is more to it, the camera itself has its own way to frame what I'm interested in capturing and  does often surprise my expectations! I look back at my roots, the places that I lived in as a child and left, my family history.  I follow a fine, thread, from memories to images to flashbacks. 



Alternative process prints on metal, gold and palladium leaf

I have rediscovered photography for just the last 4 years. I have worked in the Decorative and Design Arts all along and I have always been interested in exploring new grounds to paint on and the chemistry and technique that would work the best with it. I have used photographic processes, as well, to work in silkscreen production and invented techniques to print on hardwood floors, glass and  “verre eglomise”. One of my most successful Projects, combining these interests, has been painting 24 Murals at Bethesda Fountain, commissioned by Central Park Conservancy and New York Landmark. The work was painted with special custom colors and varnishes on Botticino Marble, imitating marbles inlays and trompe l’oeil statues and ornaments, matching the bas-reliefs around the Arcade and the stairs. This new body of work, combines my  lifetime experience in art and craft with this amazing kind of photography. Soon after I started to understand the basics of Cyanotype and Platinum Palladium printing on appropriate papers, I wanted to explore new grounds: I have experimented with metal, gold, palladium leaf, and combined with different papers. It’s still a big challenge to get good results. When I shoot with my Rolleiflex , I have to keep in mind the images and negatives I need to work with. Everything has to be much more clean and simple, almost minimal.



"In Memory of Letizia" Lucretia Moroni