Pastel and pencil

matted and framed in white to 17" x 21"



it’s complicated


is it really so rude

to choose

not to use



a fork

a spoon

work so much better

even fingers

in a pinch

who’s idea

was it to eat with sticks


why spend time

fighting with the food

when satisfying an appetite 

is the point of feasting


don’t complicate

the meal

with snow peas slipping through

and rice

that doesn’t adhere to 

what would be

a whittled piece of wood


is this a cultural test

for those who didn’t grow up

with wands or rods

consuming food

without a place setting

you know

the ones who say

no elbows on the table

you’re not in a horses’ stable


who eats in a stable besides the animals


there should be no shame

in eating your own way

who has the final say

as to etiquette 


are you done

spoke your piece

please now

pick up the sticks

let’s eat



—  © gwynneth green


inspired by the artwork It’s Complicated by Leah Brown Klein





Leah Brown Klein is a visual artist and gallery educator at The Museum of Jewish Heritage A Living Memorial To The Holocaust. Many of her pieces reflect her commitment to social justice and human rights. Leah has had pieces exhibited at Rutgers University, The Woodstock School of Art, The Doghouse Gallery, WAAM, Woodstock On The Green, The Rhinebeck Bank, BSP,  and The Wired Gallery.


"It's Complicated" Leah Brown Klein


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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