Oil on board

two panels: 8" x 6” and 6” x 6”


inspired by the poem" You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory", - Johnny Thunders" by Robert P. Langdon





Rose rarely ate, but when she did, it was eggs.

Eggs with cheese. She’d slump toward the kitchen table

keeping her head from falling with one hand

while the other tried to feed her mouth. 


I’d sit across from her mesmerized as the fork repeatedly

missed and grazed her cheek. With eyes barely open, 

she would labor to steady her head without her hand 

as she used it now to touch her cracked lips and guide 

the food to her mouth. Her chew smacked with effort.


Sometimes, with her eyes still closed and the fork gripped in a fist,

she would stab the plate, miss the eggs, and raise empty silver 

to her mouth. The pills and alcohol tricked her taste buds. She’d slowly 

chew savoring what she expected to be there and let out a listless “mmmm.”


The rest of us would be beginning our evening of early 20s debauchery

while she repeated her dance with the eggs. She was oblivious

to her surroundings and tried hard to hold on to sustenance.

But when Johnny Thunders came on the stereo, she would bolt

to life. He always offered her the nutrition a plate of eggs never could.  


— © Robert P. Langdon





By painting the human figure/portrait, I explore the construction of identity, how to render the individual identity and to the sense of presence in a portrait. I am interested in working with portraiture as art and how to push portraiture further. I have been focusing on rendering two aspects of the human being: the presentation of the self and morphology. Through these two aspects of the psychological and physical, I am interested in the nature of being. We physiologically and psychologically experience a constant metamorphosis. I am interested in the observation of that evolution, how it affects the artifice of the presentation of the self, how to document it; and finally, how by the act of creating a portrait, the art itself acquires an identity of its own.

"Johnny and Her Egg Diptych" Carl Grauer


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