Collage on vintage candy box

14.25" x 9.75"


inspired the pooems 




My darlings, I will cover you with robes and flowers, and feed you cherries and plums. We’ll find cloth stamped with golden tangled flower heads to paper our grey walls. We’ll gather lilies and roses, carnations and pansies, admire them in our vases and pots, let some languish, circling our necks in a broad loop, just before they die. We'll sample the nasturtiums, but if they taste too peppery, we'll spit them out. We’ll throw all the flowers into the waste bin before they go off, or just after. Right now, I’ll wash the slime from the inner glass, but later, it will be you who scrapes off the brownish green scum. It’ll get under your fingernails, but plain water will wash it out. We’ll go to museums and old bookstores and the faces of the dead will look back at us from the paints and papers. We’ll smile at them, or frown, and wonder what they did to feel at home in life. We’ll make our way to foreign lands and notice how they layer fruit to perfect pyramids, or toss handfuls into glorious, chaotic bins. We’ll fill our bags with orange and red orbs we fancy, keep them in a blue glass bowl for a while. We’ll eat them up at the first signs of ripe. If I forget, maybe you’ll remember. For now I'll look at you a dozen times a day and think: Did I really make that nose in my body? Those round cheeks, curling lips, your eyes that flick and laugh and sleep, the silky, long hairs of your head, the delicate feathering hairs of your eyebrows, even your eyelashes?


— © Ana CH Silva




Here, mein herr, 

amid the doilies, 

and the dainty wallpaper 

in this room open to the air, 

a bevy of virtuous, 

Victorian beauties, mein herr, 

as if they have just stepped out 

of a Pre-Raphaelite tableau. 


O large-eyed, long-haired 

Brunette wearing a garland 

of dark flowers mirroring 

the curls around her neck.

Careful, mein herr, these petals 

en masse could choke her. 


O laced and bodiced Vixen 

opposite, her bare arms 

like weapons, as if bearing arms, 

shoot right at the heart 

of any onlookers.  

Her coquettish eyes full 

of merser. 


Mein herr, on these 

foreign shores of love

you bear cherries, six 

shining balls that none 

could ever miss.  

Our Coquette places her 

index on the closest 

hanging one, tentatively. 

They are not tiny. 


Between Brunette and Vixen

the Universe has placed 

a washed up, washed out 

Vestal to watch these two. 

Mein herr, her long velvet 

cape entangled with other-

worldly flowers, other weeds. 

Mein herr, no need to worry: 

this fair-haired, long-faced 

Vestal will soon fall 




— © Patrick Hammer, Jr.   




Though born on Long Island, the Hudson Valley has been my home and inspiration for over 45 years.  The backdrop of the historic art colony of Woodstock and the Hudson River School were the foundation of my creative life. My work has been exhibited regionally and internationally, and I design for private clients and public businesses. 

My love for collage started with an obsession for the 1960's toy called Colorforms.  I was fascinated that I could create different worlds and stories by moving the pieces around.

I also loved pop-up books, little worlds where I could dive into the magical illustrations, and was intrigued by the mechanical components of the book. 

My collages are intimate curious worlds that are a mix of autobiography, observation, memory, and fantasy,
born out of my love for paper, books, and the narrative. They are created with a variety of media, and include antique papers from my collection. 

“The studio is a dream world. Once the door is closed the outside world shut out, it is an escape to a place of wonder, 
exploration, magic, and resolution; a place where one feels most peaceful and complete.”

"Mon Cherie" Patti Gibbons


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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