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Oil on cradled wood

12" x 12"


inspired by the poem:




Oblong fruit

red-cheeked Humpty-Dumpty

wavering on porch railing.

Balanced in hand

its green tip tenders into yellow

then bursts into the rose of dawn. 

A Harlequin costume to catch the eye 

divert the mouth.

But not for long.


A slice of knife liberates 

the smell of sea breeze

rich with morning sun. 

Teeth comb strands of golden flesh 

while sweet juice slides down the throat. 


If I slept beneath a mango tree, would perfection pale?


— © Judith Lechner





Andrea Geller is a painter who easily shifts between figurative, landscape and still life subjects as she paints the fleeting moment of the form in space. Color and the gestural mark are signature aspects of her work which have been strongly influenced by Vincent van Gogh and Richard Diebenkorn, among others. Andrea Geller studied painting at Cornell University for two years before earning her BFA from Parsons School of Design. She earned her MFA from William Paterson University. Her work has been exhibited throughout the metropolitan area and is included in numerous collections. She has been teaching studio art classes on the college level since 1997. Andrea Geller lives and works in NJ.

"Morning Mango" Andrea Geller

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