Collage on monotype

16" x 20"


inspired the pooem 


Cleopatra Romano-Sodomized by Julius Caesar and Marc Antony Anachronistically Before Capitulating After the Battle of Actium, But in Only a Metaphorical Way, Thank God, or Ra, or Thoth, or Sir William James Erasmus Wilson, Elbert E. Farman, Muhammad Ali Pasha al-Mas'ud ibn Agha, and Louis Philippe I of France, or Salvador Dalí for That Matter



Do it to me now, in this our bedroom bower in the royal palace of Alexandria.

Do it to me in Rome or Heliopolis, or any metropolis of our liking and licking.

Take me with you to rule the world from Britain to Tyre, I do not tire of your embraces, embouchures.

Gauge my responses and latitude and longitude with our own Antikythera device of vices, antipodes, antipathies.

Take my cherry, mon chérie, on our last light flight out of Egypt.

I speak many languages and I shall make you come in all of them.  Come, come.

Come to our own megalomaniacal megalopolis across the earth and amid the stars,

like my ancestors, incesters, sisters, catasteristics, and palimpsesters…


Thutmosis, Moses, make the most of wine and roses, neurosis, necrosis, so says Sesostris.

The astral obelisks stick and prick, and you lick my haunches, cautiously, carefully

placed thousands of years before we knew you.

Ramesses crammed me.  Ammon Ra rams me in Ramsey, †an anal torpedo†.  Thoth will slam me

against a cherry-dark mound, surrounded by that wine-dark sea.


Snow falls in the Great Desert.


I weep for the fall of all of us, in this vernal autumn of our undertakings, for the loss of blood, lubricant.

We lucubrate and celebrate, lubriciously, no more, but in the stars.

But in our tears.


    nix                nix



            nix            nix    nix


        nix        nix




    nix        nix                    nix



        nix            nix







— © John J Trause




Though born on Long Island, the Hudson Valley has been my home and inspiration for over 45 years.  The backdrop of the historic art colony of Woodstock and the Hudson River School were the foundation of my creative life. My work has been exhibited regionally and internationally, and I design for private clients and public businesses. 

My love for collage started with an obsession for the 1960's toy called Colorforms.  I was fascinated that I could create different worlds and stories by moving the pieces around.

I also loved pop-up books, little worlds where I could dive into the magical illustrations, and was intrigued by the mechanical components of the book. 

My collages are intimate curious worlds that are a mix of autobiography, observation, memory, and fantasy,
born out of my love for paper, books, and the narrative. They are created with a variety of media, and include antique papers from my collection. 

“The studio is a dream world. Once the door is closed the outside world shut out, it is an escape to a place of wonder, 
exploration, magic, and resolution; a place where one feels most peaceful and complete.”

"Obelisk" Patti Gibbons


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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