12" x 16"


Inspired by the poem "In Search of Pomegranate Molasses"  by Anique Taylor


In Search of Pomegranate Molasses


Fog hangs in torn sheets from the sky. The river 

    calls in a language I cannot understand,

    On our way to the darkest time of the year, 


every day we lose three minutes of light, 

    each inside our separate skin. 

    The sound of rain. Sometimes I think 


the past will crush me. Still the jittery feeling 

    rises up again. I will escape later. Some 

    fold laundry and make lists. Others wait 


in line for pomegranate molasses. Some 

    raise hands trying to capture the wingbeat 

    of a prayer — as young men explode 


children’s limbs like toys. In the invisible grid 

    of each cell, how can it ever be the same 

    again? The forgotten bones of childhood, 


was there something we could have changed? 

    Something we missed? I know it needs 

    a voice, but the loop replays. I hit the button


at the end of the cycle to restart this too. 

    We try to define the edges, but sun’s light 

    crowds out every star. How will we love, 


even what is upside down, has layers or opens up —

    the unmendable beauty of what is speckled, 

    has clawed feet or makes us weep


—  © Anique Taylor




Elaine was introduced to artistic expression early in life as a child  with weekly art classes in various mediums.  Later she attended an  Arts & Music High School followed by the Fashion Institute of Technology.  She studied pastels at Mt. Saint Mary College and also at the Art Student League.

She is a member of the Arts Society of Kingston (ASK), Woodstock School of Art, Woodstock Artists Association and Museum (WAAM), and Lower Hudson Valley Plein Air Painters.  Her work has been exhibited in numerous shows and was awarded 1st place in 2006's “Artists on Campus Wildlife Award” for a pastel portrait of the oldest of her cats.  In 2009 and 2015 she won the Gayle Clark Fedigan award for best pastel, in 2010 and 2012,1st place for the all mediums Hudson Valley category and best pastel in 2013.  To expand her views she has even traveled to Ireland and Italy to study and paint.


As an artist she believes that everything we see in the universe is vibratory in its being.   Each object vibrates at different rates and it is through our process of realizing these vibrations through color and light that certain forms appear to us.  In her art she tries to be open to this process and allow nature to speak to her on all levels and works to capture the essence of a scene using both her inner and outer eye.



"Pomegranate" Elaine Ralston


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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