mixed media on panel

6" x 6"





Natalie Boburka recently relocated to the Catskills where she was born and is working with her husband to rehab an 1820's brick house and barn complex into home, studios, gallery, and workshop space.She is excited to continue a body of current work which combines techniques learned in workshops in encaustics, fluid acrylics, and sculptural processes. These pieces combine a luminescent quality with successive layers of color and mediums applied and then partially removed from embedded texturized surfaces.  She combines impressions of regional found objects created using common household objects with embedding actual findings to create archeological pieces influenced by her surroundings. In a world where the earth is constantly ravaged-she creates fantasy gardens from underwater to above ground to counter constant images of a world desecrated by war and pollution.  From a new series in showing the piece titled Faith, she provides evidence of a more hopeful mind set to offset her societal angst.

"Pregnant Garden" Natalie Boburka