Mixed media




There exist a number of divergent influences that have merged  in my work. Pottery, oil and watercolor painting has been personally chosen mediums for over 20 years, In the majority of my works  images are used that convey a sense of movement which also correlates to a passage of time. All living organisms move through time, thus movement symbolizes life force. The bird form in  particular I have used multiple times in both two and three D work, these images  speak to me as  symbols of grace and freedom, concepts in a visual form. Visual observation of everyday items can spark an idea and inspire work. Other influences directly relate to the environment, as art can be the start of a dialogue to create change. I have used images to raise awareness of loss of habitat and the impact of pollution on the environment.     


    Working with glazes in pottery, copper and iron  oxides are a key ingredients for  glaze formulas. Having worked in a bronze art foundry and being exposed to the process of producing patinas on metal with heat, this knowledge inspired the thought of melding the clay and metal together. Having merged metal and clay led to using other found materials in conjunction with pottery, including stone, beads, wood,fabric, paints and inks, anything that completes a piece.

"Raven" Andrea Walcutt Perez