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Mixed media collage on canvas

16" x 20"




Shelley Davis is an internationally exhibited artist eager to leap out on a limb.  She channels her passion for artistic diversity and out of the box materials into a fantasia of sensual imagery!  Davis' multi faceted creative approach incorporates materials for their beauty and potential, which then come alive in her mixed media paintings, altered art, photo-fusion, mobiles, talking sticks, art angels, jewelry and assemblages.  Imagination and heart abound in her magical studio, surrounded by a lush old world garden.


Davis' work has been exhibited world wide. She is well known for her avant garde "photo-fusion" (a union of photography, painting and sculpture). 


"To create from the soul, to have fun, to express, to share what I create with others, is the force that drives me.   Anything that can exist in life, can be recreated with beauty & wonder. As an artist I make constant decisions that bring life's beauty and wonder to a visual conclusion."


"Something to Say" Shelley Davis

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