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Wood sculpture

20” x 12” x 6”




Once a graphic designer in NYC in the 90’s I freelanced for several Independent Record Companies from Alternative to Death Metal. Once the industry went to computer my desire to stay in the field dissolved, I was no longer working with materials in my hands anymore. The technological revolution led me to the realize that I need the tactile contact to feel any satisfaction working in the creative process.


I am attracted to organic forms; however, feel the need to violate their gentleness in some capacity. Not to destroy, but create a collision between the delicate and the forceful, when juxtaposed correctly, creates a balance of one supporting the other. A tension that is balanced but volatile. So similar to the human experience.


Wood and metal offers me the opportunity to explore this union. Both materials have integrity, they are both strong and can hold their own. However; when put next to each other they seem to create a whole new language. 

"Spine" Patty Mooney

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