Digital Photography 

11" x 14"


Tom discusses photographing the abstract in the every day




I have been “doing photography” since I was a child.  For this exhibition, I chose to submit works that emphasize my developing interest over the last decade in abstraction, achieved by an unusual point of view (St. Louis Arch, Little white lines series) and by exaggerating specific aspects of a subject (color in the Bluestone series and Chipped blue paint) to address Minor White’s admonition to photograph things “for what else they are.”  I included Canal bridge, even though it is thoroughly representational, because it achieves blueness simply as a result of the time of day.


If I were a campus, my buildings would represent a hodgepodge of architectures.  Although any one of them would run screaming from the room if they heard me say it, I claim that my approach, if not the results, has been influenced by Alfred Eisenstaedt, John Paul Caponigro, Allison Shaw, Jeff Wall and, more recently, Brooke Shaden.

"St Louis Arch" Tom Hackett


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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