8.5" X 11" FRAMED TO 13.75" X 17"





Media - Watercolor on Arches archival watercolor paper

Artistic Vision - My objective in creating this painting was to capture for myself and the viewer the essence of a very hot summer day in Aix en Provence. The gate was the entrance to an old crumbling French farmhouse in the countryside. I wanted this painting to bring me back to the sounds and smells of this lovely place every time I looked at it.


Process - The process of creating this painting was simply setting up my paints, brushes, paper and water under a shady tree and then sit for a while to define the composition. There were many choices to make in order to decide the focus of the painting as well as what to leave in and what leave out. I wanted the wall and the gate to be the most important elements in the composition. Therefore I minimized the values of the surrounding trees and the foliage. I wanted all the colors to be a bit subdued to express the white heat of the day.


Subject Matter - The subject matter for this painting, the gate and the wall, were chosen for their worn and weathered quality. I am drawn to paint landscapes which include some kind of structural object, especially if the object has taken on a heavy patina due to age and wear and tear.


Influences - I have always been influenced by the impressionist painters of the mid-19thcentury. As with many of the painters of that period I return to a place or a subject again and again to paint it at different times of day or under different weather conditions. I like to capture the change in light and shade on the same subject from one day to the next. I often have many variations of the same painting.


Barbara Lowry studied watercolor painting in Paris and in the French countryside, primarily in the region of Aix en Provence. Heavily influenced by the French Impressionist painters of the mid 19th century Lowry choses to create her delicate landscapes "au plein-air". Her preferred medium is watercolor. She feels watercolor forces her to make her artistic decisions quickly which keeps her works loose and fluid. 


Lowry relocated to the Hudson Valley 20 years ago where she now creates landscape paintings of the Catskill region and the surrounding countryside.

"The Gate" Barbara Lowry


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