mixed media: acrylic paint, synthetic scarf, found crocheted doily, children’s markers, lipstick, acrylic gel, washi and packing tape, mat board

10” x 10”


inspired by the poem




I started a painting

of two girls and their mother. 

The girls sit at a piano,

their faces turned 

away. Why, I don’t know. 

Are they looking 

for some forgotten light or bored

by my endless


Should they wear pink?

Are they any less innocent

if I smear them in gray wash?


One girl picks at a rhythm on the keys.

A lazy plop,

plop, like milk dripping on doilies.

Weird,  I

know, but I hear it, 

and I swear the girls

do, too. 


A gleam of black and steely something

slips down one girl’s sleeve.

How on earth did that get in?


Quick, erase the arm, the steely whatsit —


Too late. I’ve brought in a note

of savagery. I’m watching, I can’t intervene.

Everything’s on a grim course

of inevitability.

There and there and there 

the girls pounce on the knife in a rush

and mother falls —

A charcoal saint in bloodied crinoline.


How did it happen?

I wanted two girls, a mother,

a music chamber, a sweetly tender scene.


Then came the stray thought —



— © Josepha Gutelius




Ana C.H. Silva has had solo exhibits at The Russell Gallery at Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, MA and at The Spence School Gallery in Manhattan. Her work has been include in the Peace and Human Safety Media Festival Exhibition and the Yaddo Artist Colony benefit auction. Ana has created two community-based collaborative installation projects in the Catskills, merging poetry and visual arts: Olive Couplets mounted at the Olive Library in West Shokan, and Lines in the Woods  at the New Century Historical House in Rosendale, NY,—part of the show Eotechnic Sensorium, curated by Jeff Benjamin. She has been the visual arts curator for the online version of the Mom Egg Review from 2016 - the present. 

"Then Came the Stray Thought" Ana C.H. Silva


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