Encaustic with photo/oil stick on wood

10” x 8”





In a photograph, I capture an infinitestimal portion of time in a photo. But with collage, I can expand time indefinitely.
These images use ephemera from the last century and a half - from old Latin texts to WWII hand written ledgers to bound Collier's magazine pages from the 19th century to vintage blueprints. Superimposed on them are some of my photos (trees, vines, Ancient Greek sculptures at a museum in Athens), taken in the last few years on my iPhone, printed on a Japanese paper - kitikata - that becomes translucent when dipped into encaustic. Further markings are added with oil sticks.
The encaustic medium (bees wax with a small amount of dammer resin) was used extensively by the Egyptians more than 2000 years ago for tomb paintings. Greek sculptures date from 3-4th century BC. iPhone photography was invented practically yesterday. Scientists now tell us that time as we measure it - as an arrow going forward - is just an illusion, that all time exists simultaneously. It is a difficult, almost impossible, concept to grasp, but through these collages I can attempt to visualize it.

"Time/Erased" Mary Ann Glass


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

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