Earthenware and Mixed Media

15” x  6” x 15”




My work is created through direct observation, and through that process I have opened myself up to the entirely new concept of “seeing” instead of “looking.” We are often taught to take a quick glance, never stare…and in that space, I was limited. My presentoutlook allows me to continue to learn so much about myself through the process of sculpting the human figure. And through pose and gesture, I strive to capture the

rawness and strength of feminine beauty. 


Each model and pose creates a new inspiration and appreciation for the artistry of the human form. I am compelled to use the natural, simple and ancient medium of clay, to capture a certain mood or intention, rather than obtain complete anatomical accuracy. Sculpting, to me, becomes a mystical process where my thinking brain begins to quiet and the clay begins to take shape.


My sculptures are often the celebration of mixed medias, more specifically natural materials such as wood, which complement the organic nature of the clay. I attempt to capture and interpret what I see in front of me, into a piece which will hopefully provoke the viewer to create their own story.




Meredith Morabito lives in Saugerties NY and sculpts the human figure through direct observation with supportive critique by Tricia Cline.

Since moving to the Woodstock/Saugerties area, she has produced outdoor art shows, was the Residency Director of the Byrdcliffe Artist in Residence Program and Co-Curated the exhibition Up the Hill: Byrdcliffe Artists 2015.

She also studies Permaculture and is a certified Master Gardener. Meredith’s passions are art, animals and permaculture and hopes to convert her own home, community and town into a more sustainable and beautiful place to live. 


Meredith lives with her husband Antonio and is currently renovating and landscaping their new home and farm, Mostly Magic Farm, which is home to two dogs, one cat, two miniature horses, two goats and nine chickens.

"Training the Baby" Meredith Morabito


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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