Mixed media on canvas

16” x 20”


Inspired the poem "Transformer" by Monica T. Fiorentini 




Upon further inspection

you’re not so prim in blue

rather your duchess slant sits

stacking quips to spew

middle finger cocks

behind the ear

prepped to pop

the jester doth dare

stonewall Sweetie’s catwalk.


—  © Monica T. Fiorentini




Painting for me is a constant, energizing connecting of opposites -- place/displacement, certainty/mystery. As a former playwright, I tend to see the figures in my paintings as characters with an implied before and after, where “beingness” itself is relational and in flux. My primary interest is to capture layers of consciousness, the precarious balance of time/ timelessness, the overlap of memories.  I usually work in series, with different subject matter brought together under one theme, such as “School Days,” “The Shape of Water,” “Silence of Nowhere.”In my latest series, I’ve focused entirely on the narrative of masculinity -- men clothed, naked, solid, disintegrating. While male painters have traditionally objectified women as sirens, muses, demons, mothers, etc.  I am reaching for a holistic depiction of maleness, not as “mankind” but as a specific gender in a state of disarray and off-balance,  which reflects my feelings of where I stand today as a female (feminist) artist looking at men-- an anxious stance. In my series “Silence of Nowhere,”  I’m capturing the sense of expectancy, of looking outward, but also searching from within. My practice often involves taking the same scene and varying it slightly in different panels, like frames of a film, to signify the passage of time. I start with ink or charcoal and add thin layers of acrylic and watch a drama unfold.

"Transformer" Josepha Gutelius


    Emerge Gallery & Art Space

    228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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