Mixed media

8" x 10" 




As a painter I work in acrylics, a medium that requires a fast response to the canvas.  I enjoy that first emotional burst of energy as I lay out the composition in a thin wash.  Surface texture is then created with brushes, drawing tools and a palette knife, by adding and scraping away layers of paint and also by leaving some of the original process untouched.  I find this approach gives interest and depth to my art.


My work usually begins with an image from my sketchbook or my travel photos, but as I simplify the forms and color value, my initial concept evolves into a more abstract painting.  I find myself increasingly moving towards abstraction these days, in my paintings, printmaking and mixed media pieces, while still stubbornly holding onto a sliver of realism for grounding.

"Una Noche en Na Bolom" Wilma Miller