Oil on wood panel 

6" x 12"  x 1.5"





David Thelen was born in Western New York and has been living and working in the Finger Lakes region of the area. His strong family ties to the Catskill area give him a broader view of home. It comes as no surprise that his artwork reflects the daily life and landscapes he sees at home, in the Catskills and through his travels across the state. Since an early age David has been creating art in some form or another and throughout the years has honed his skills though practice and teachings.


  David’s oil paintings are defined by a bold interpretation of the ever changing and human intervention into the landscape. He describes his main subject by painting the space around it rather than focusing on painting the object itself. Deep tones and bold contrast lead the eye to the uniqueness to be found in the texture, pattern and line – the true focus of David’s work. David has a way of finding interest in everyday surroundings – the things that are always there that we don’t often stop to acknowledge.

'Water of Life" David Thelen