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acrylic on canvas

framed to 22" x 18"


inspired by the song "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones



I was born and raised in Saugerties. My family goes many generations back. As a child, I loved sketching animals,but ,never followed through in pursuing  art. It was only 6&1/2 years ago that I started painting. The first three years I studied under Kristy Bishop at Kristy Bishop Studios. After three years I ventured forth to The Woodstock School of Art where I have been studying under Tor Gudmundsen. The joy I feel,when I am painting is something only another artist can understand. I give God the credit for giving me this gift and Kristy and Tor for helping me realize my ability...


 I have,always loved the Beatles and the Stones. My daughter's amazing photo of the wild horses of Assateague  Island inspired me to paint for the Rolling Stone's song, Wild Horses. Thank you ,April,for giving me the opportunity to paint your beautiful photo. Thanks to my husband for putting up with the many hours I spend submerged in painting, unaware of my surroundings,with walls full of art and every available space covered in art. In love with art,Agnes Barber

"Wild Horses" Agnes Barber

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