Primar(il)y Red: A Group Exhibition of Art
Celebrating the Color Red

December 2, 2016 - January 2, 2017 

Emerge Gallery & Art Space is pleased to present “Primar(il)y Red: Artwork Celebrating the Color Red”. Emerge Gallery will celebrate the holiday season with an exhibition of artwork where the color red plays a prominent role in each work. The color induces feelings such as love, warmth, and passion, as well as energy, war and power and the works on exhibition reflect those feelings.The exhibition includes various styles and mediums such as pastel, watercolor, oil, acrylic, photography, mixed media, and sculpture. “Primar(il)y Red: Artwork Celebrating the Color Red” will be on exhibit from December 2, 2016 until January 2, 2017. A public opening reception is scheduled for Friday, December 2, 2016, from 6-9 PM as part of Saugerties’ First Friday. All are welcome. Artwork in the exhibition will be available to view and purchase on line at


Forty-five pieces of art representing forty-four emerging artists from the Hudson Valley and New York Metropolitan area are included in this exhibition. The works vary in styles, but the one common thread is that the viewers’ eye is immediately drawn to the red element in each piece. 


Participating artists include Luis Alves, Suzanne Anan, Loel Barr, Kristy Bishop, Alison Winfield-Burns, Diane Christi, Ross Corsair, Pamela Crockett, Shelley Davis, Melanie Delgado, Ruth Edwy, Alessandra Farkas, Hao Feng, Andrea Geller, Millie Goldberg, Pam Grafstein, Carl Grauer, Katherine Gray, Betty Greenwald, Cheryl Gross, Laura Gurton, Josepha Gutelius, Tom Hackett, Andrew Kaminski, Barbara Tepper Levy, Shelly Marks, Elin Menzies, Paul Mindell, Ann Morris, Grey Ivor Morris, Christina Muller, Susan Phillips, Joan Max Reinmuth, Claudia Renfro, Marilyn Rowley, Jamie Sanin, Tony Schwab, Carlie Sherry, David Sheskin, Michael Teters, Carl Voegtling, Marck Webster, and Barry Jay Yorkin. “Primar(il)y Red” is curated by Emerge Gallery director Robert P. Langdon. 


Emerge Gallery & Art Space focuses on emerging artists from the Hudson Valley, NY, region and beyond by hosting monthly group art exhibitions, and other events. It is a very open and welcoming environment that is a wonderful setting for private parties and gatherings and is available for rental. The space is also available to rent for solo and privately curated exhibitions.

Petit: A Group Exhibition of Smaller Sized Art

November 4 - November 28, 2016 

Emerge Gallery & Art Space is pleased to present Petit: A Group Exhibition of Smaller Sized Art. Over ninety local, national and international artists are participating in this exhibition. Petit will be exhibited from November 4-28, 2016, with a  reception on Friday, November 4, 2016, 5-9 PM as part of Saugerties’ First Friday. Artwork will be available to view and purchase on-line at throughout the duration of the exhibition.


The artwork included in Petit is a collection of various styles and mediums — oil, acrylic, collage, mixed media, sculpture, fiber art — all sized 16” x 20” and under.  National and international artists are included in Petit that represent CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, PA, SC, TX, UT, VA, Canada, France, and Italy. 


Included in Petit is work from photographer Gary Beeber’s Mona Series where the artist got to know and photograph New York City trans-gender/nightlife personality Mona Marlowe to great effect; sculptural work by Bethany Haeseler who used art to understand and heal after members of her family battled cancer (“I needed to see it – to touch it – in order to understand it”);  photographic portraits of animals from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary by Janet Holmes (“I sit with them, witnessing their existence and importance as individuals . . . . I photograph these animals at eye level to emphasize the equality between viewer and subject.”); new work from artist Dawn Hunter who has been exploring neuroscience and extended the theme to her detailed ink and pen drawings;  work by artists Janet Costello and Heather Gottfried — together known as 2 Nutty Artists — who repurpose found metals into whimsical wall sculptures;  and many other artists who have exhibited extensively and some who are just beginning to emerge. A complete list of participating artists is available at


This exhibition and Emerge Gallery offer an affordable option for giving the gift of art to someone special this holiday season — a gift of art is a gift of the heart. The art included in Petit guarantees that visitors will find a work that speaks to them.  


Emerge Gallery & Art Space focuses on emerging artists from the Hudson Valley, NY, region and beyond by hosting monthly group art exhibitions, poetry readings and musical performances. It is a very open and welcoming environment that is a wonderful setting for private parties and gatherings and is available for rental. The space is also available to rent for one week out of every month for solo and privately curated exhibitions.

96.8 Miles: A Group Exhibition
of Artists From Brooklyn

October 7 - October 31, 2016 

Emerge Gallery & Art Space, is pleased to present 96.8 Miles: Brooklyn to Saugerties: A Group Exhibition of Artists From Brooklyn. Over a dozen artists currently living in Brooklyn, NY, are participating in this exhibition. 96.8 Miles will be exhibited from October 7 - October 31, 2016, with a  reception on Friday, October 7, 2016, from 5-9 PM as part of Saugerties’ First Friday. Work will be simultaneously available on-line at


The Hudson Valley has a long history in the world of art—it has an art movement named after it—and the area is rich with artists, both of name and emerging. The yearly Saugerties Artist Tour has been growing each year in attendance and participation, and this year an impressive forty artists of various disciplines opened their home studios to the public for visitors to experience Saugerties and the rich artistic diversity inside it’s borders.


Like many of the small towns in the Hudson Valley, Saugerties is currently experiencing a renaissance. There are reasons why Budget Travel Magazine recently named Saugerties one of “America’s Top 10 Coolest Towns.” In a two block radius, one can find two independent bookstores, art galleries, farm to table restaurants, clothing stores, chocolate shops, home good stores, antique venues, and a independent movie theater. Visitors will also be pleased to discover a lighthouse that also acts as a bed and breakfast, a beach, a horse stadium, and Opus 40— a majestic 6 1/2 acre sculpture park fashioned out of a blue stone quarry.


Saugerties, situated right on the Hudson River, is centrally located in the Hudson Valley just a short distance from other popular destinations including Beacon, Hudson, Kingston, Phoenicia, Rhinebeck, and Woodstock, among others. Many from the New York metropolitan area have been discovering the quaint village and all that it has to offer, both as a destination for an extended weekend, and as a welcoming community for longer term settlement. With the cost of living quickly becoming too prohibitive, folks from New York City and especially Brooklyn, are desiring a more agreeable lifestyle and are finding it in Saugerties. 


To highlight and welcome those from Brooklyn, Emerge Gallery & Art Space is hosting a group exhibition of work by artists from Brooklyn. 96.8 Miles: Brooklyn to Saugerties will be a chance to introduce Saugerties to the work of these artists, and also the opportunity for those from Brooklyn who have not had the pleasure of meeting Saugerties to visit and experience all that the town has to offer. 


The artwork included 96.8 Miles is a collection of various mediums and styles and represents a number of artists including Jenn Cacciola, Ross Carlisle, Natsumi Goldfish, Mickey Hoover, Jessica Lipsky, Marjorie Magid, Christina Massey, Sally Novak, Janet Pedersen, Mari Renwick, Colby Sadeghi, Marysia Schultz, Fury Young, and others. Emerge Gallery is excited to be introducing these artists to the Saugerties community. 

Terrain: A Group of Art Exhibition Inspired By Landscape

September 2 - October 3, 2016 

Sixteen artists from the Hudson Valley and NY Metropolitan area are participating in this exhibition. Terrain will be displayed from September 2 - October 3, 2016, with a  reception on Friday, September 2, 2016, from 5-9 PM as part of Saugerties’ First Friday.


Included in Terrain are traditional landscapes exhibited alongside more abstract pieces. The work is of various mediums and styles but they all continue the love affair with nature through the creation of artwork inspired by elements of nature and landscape, be they natural or man made..


Artist Mari Renwick  finds that the Hudson Valley vistas “grab you and momentarily stun you with their beauty. It is from the often overlooked details of wildflowers and seed pods that I draw my inspiration.” Mari creates brilliant encaustic works that incorporate roadside-blooms.


Two pieces from photographer Kay Kenny’s Into the Night in the Middle of Nowhere series, which celebrates the rural night landscape, are part of Terrain. “Using flashlights, and other light-providing devices,” she explains of her process, “I photograph the rural landscape where no ambient light but the stars and the moon intrudes upon the night.” Her results are dreamlike and offers a spectral take on the theme.


Artist Laura Gurton mixes oil paints and resin and combines her love for nature with the simplicity and power of concentric circles. “For years I have painted landscapes wanting to represent the beauty of our world,” she explains. A welcomed accident occurred when Laura mistakenly dripped opaque paint on to a traditional landscape panel. She was pleased to see how the paint spread on the transparent glaze and was inspired to pursue this new direction, but stuck to her inspiration. “The shapes that I create consist of concentric circular lines and colors that mimic pieces of agate, rings inside of tress, mold, and other patterns in nature.” Terrain includes three of Laura’s signature works along with one of her rarely seen landscapes. 


Three artists included in Terrain make incredible use of recycled materials. Artist Robert Lach uses repurposed cardboard, tape and foam to create beautifully original wall sculptures that mimic the natural world, while Saugerties artist Joan Reinmuth combines repurposed plastic with her own photography to create truly original wearable pieces of art. The Emerge Gallery window will include a posthumous installation by Hudson Valley artist TS Young who repurposed locally sourced wood into uniquely vibrant sculpture as his last project before passing. 


Additional artists included in Terrain are Susan L. Berger, Athena Billias, Elizabeth Biscoe, Patrick Cardinale, Virginia Carroll, Jada Fabrizio, Steve Gentile, Marty Mueller, Anna Ryabtsov, and Robert Sherman.

Memento: A Group Art Exhibition Inspired By Nostalgia

August 5 - 29, 2016

The artists included in Memento are inspired by the nostalgia of time, people, and place. Peekskill artist Andrew Barthelmes captures the memories of summers spent in Astoria, Queens through his brush strokes, while oil artist Donald David meticulously seizes the details of Americana through his reproduction of Coca Cola products and the facade of a classic diner. “I endow each moment with light and atmosphere,” he explains of his process, “capturing the essence of a bygone culture and the lives that have graced it.”


Tillson based artist Kathleen MacKenzie’s work is inspired by family photographs. She explores the richness and texture of color to underscore the psychological undertones captured in a posed moment. One of her paintings included in Memento, “White Lake”, illustrates the familiar scene of a family on vacation, but, she explains, “upon examination, there is often a sense of isolation and disconnect within the family.”


NJ artist Karissa Harvey is also inspired by photographs from her family archives, which are the source for her whimsical paintings. Whether it be a group of girls walking on the beach, or a trio of ladies celebrating a birthday, Harvey wants “my viewers to take my work personally by allowing it to be a blurred memory or a glimpse of an old friend.”


Mixed media artist Kathleen Heron paints on vintage wallpaper, while photographer Ellen Martin uses her camera to capture the nostalgia of abandoned buildings and doll houses—once thriving with activity, but now discarded, forgotten and wasting away. Also included in Memento is photographer Jada Fabrizio, who “believe(s) that art should make you feel something. It should touch you, make you think, laugh, cry,” she explains. Her photograph of Gumby and Pokey and of other nostalgic toys placed in precarious situation will surely strike a nostalgic chord with the viewer.


Finally, artist Jill Caporlingua brings the viewer way back in time to when we were just cells through her series of textural paintings that illustrate cells and amoebas in a bold, vibrant, and almost electric color palette. 

Tight Rope: A Joint Exhibition of Work
By Carmen Bury and Robert Greco

July 23 - 31, 2016 

Carmen Bury is a self-taught artist who works with reclaimed and repurposed materials, especially fabrics. She is influenced by mythology, fairy tales and folk lore. “I am very inspired by ceremony,” explains Bury. “Especially iconography and the things that people do as part of ceremony.”  Elements of ceremony, vintage influences and classical art show up often in her art.


Bury’s work has an appealing romantic and whimsical quality that mimic her personality. A perfect example of this is the permanent installation she completed at Emerge Gallery & Art Space where she covered the bathroom walls with denim jeans. Participants are asked to take a trinket from one of the jean pockets and add something from their own pockets. 


Exhibiting work along with Bury is abstract artist Robert Greco, who is influenced and inspired by his consumption of counter-culture of all kinds. “I am constantly exposed to an ongoing and puzzling array of behaviors,” says Greco. “My work is very textural, involving many layers, colors and materials but in the end, I always deconstruct back to the basics.” His process is guided by movement, mood and music.


Greco previously had a solo exhibition at Munch Gallery in New York City and has recently made the transition from art to design through his line Robert Greco Couture. He has participated in New York Fashion Week and has been having great success with his line of clothing. Emerge Gallery & Art Space is very pleased to introduce the Hudson Valley to the art of Carmen Bury and Robert Greco. 

The Art of Words 

July 16, 2016 

Saugerties’ newest art gallery, Emerge Gallery & Art Space, is pleased to present “The Art of Words,” an on-going reading series curated by Emerge proprietor Robert P. Langdon. The series includes featured poets sharing their work followed by an open mic. The inaugural event is scheduled for Saturday, July 16, 2016, from 7-9 PM with Langdon and San Francisco poet Monica Teresa Fiorentini kicking off the series. 


Robert P. Langdon ran the very successful “Poetry U: The Art of Words” series in Red Bank, Montclair, and Westfield, NJ, for a number of years before relocating to Saugerties. Langdon began writing after being exposed to the poetry of Anne Sexton and discovering, through her writing, that poetry can be exciting and accessible. He is drawn to strong imagery and is influenced by the confessional poets. Langdon’s own writing tends to focus on issues of identity and he uses poetry as a way to work through personal issues and reflect on meaningful events in his life. His book, “The Candied Road Ahead: Poems and Stories” was published in 2014 and is available through Langdon is very excited to be bringing The Art of Words to the Hudson Valley and to sharing his own art with the Saugerties and surrounding communities.


Joining Robert P. Langdon as a featured reader is San Francisco poet Monica Teresa Fiorentini — a fearless frontierswoman facing a mid-life battle with option paralysis. She fends off fear with good friends, sophisticated beer, and ample travel. You can find her stuck at a cross-roads near you, or reading her poetry at Emerge Gallery on July 16th. Following the two featured readers will be an open mic where guests are welcome and encourage to share their own poetry. The exhibition featured at the time of “The Art of Words” is “Paper & Wood: Artwork made of Paper & Wood.”

A Group Exhibition of Artwork Created With 
Paper & Wood

July 1 - 20, 2016 

Saugerties’ newest art gallery, Emerge Gallery & Art Space, is pleased to present a group exhibition of artwork created with wood and paper mediums. Seven emerging artists from the Hudson Valley and NY Metropolitan area will be participating in this exhibition. “Paper & Wood” will be displayed from July 1 - 20, 2016, with a  reception on Saturday, July 9, 2016, from 5-8 PM. All are welcome.


West Hurley artist Carole P. Kunstadt will be exhibiting paper works from her Sacred Poem series, which transforms pages taken from an 1849 Parish Psalmody into very intimate and delicate works of art. Carole will also be exhibiting work from her mask series and works that weave two vintage postcard scenes together to create an alternate scene. Contributing Woodstock artist Kay Kenny renders her photographs in platinum palladium on watercolor paper and takes it one step further. “As a painter,” she explains, “ I work with old processes and working with graphite and pencils I draw into the photographic image.” The results are striking. Also included in the paper portion of this exhibition is artist Vanessa Lucas, who creates scenes through intricate paper cutting. “I begin to get lost in the path of a line,” she explains while speaking of her process. “That is where my journey begins.” Emerge will be exhibiting selections from her Grimms Fairy Tales series and new work.     


Participants working with wood include Saugerties artist Robert Sherman who creates art out of reclaimed wood sourced from the Hudson Valley. Emerge will be exhibiting a selection of his one-of-a-kind birdhouses and original paintings on repurposed wood. Also working with wood is Asbury Park, NJ, artist Laura Petrovich-Cheney who, while salvaging her family home after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, collected the remains left behind — floorboards, shingles, windows, cabinets, furniture — and repurposed this material to turn remnants of a tragic event into beautiful works of art. “The faded colors and tattered surfaces of the wood are a nostalgic glimpse into the past,” explains Petrovich-Cheney. “The visual history of the salvaged wood — the chipped layers of paint, the nail holes, the grain — tells a new story: what once was, is born anew.” Emerge will be exhibiting a collection of Laura’s 12” x 12” wall sculptures. Artists Amy Puccio and Erica Resnick will also be exhibiting their wood art.

Emerge Grand Opening

June 3, 2016 

The village of Saugerties is gaining a new advocate for the local art community with the opening of Emerge Gallery & Art Space. Owned and managed by Robert Langdon — former Director and Curator of Gallery U in Red Bank and Westfield, NJ — Emerge will focus on highlighting the creative talents of emerging artists from the Hudson Valley region and beyond. Emerge will hold monthly group art exhibitions, poetry readings and musical performances. Emerge is a very open and welcoming environment dedicated to working to advance the local art scene and community.


For his inaugural exhibit, Langdon has gathered some of his favorite artists to help showcase his aesthetic including Jada Fabrizio whose photograph on exhibit, the conquering pig, won first place in the Mad, Mad World Winter 2016 competition by Art Scene Today; Laura Petrovich-Cheney who, while salvaging her family home after Hurricane Sandy, collected the remains left behind — floorboards, windows, cabinets, furniture — and repurposed this material to create wall sculptures inspired by traditional American patchwork quilt designs; new oil works by Gail Winbury inspired by her stay in Puglia, Italy, where she immersed herself in the culture, dialects, dance, food and wine of the region; Carmen Bury, whose repurposed fabric horse sculptures will be the object of desire of ever horse lover; artist Amy Puccio who assembles spare pieces of frames to create larger than life ordinary objects; the stunning statues of Margery Cohen who creates creatures familiar to most but with a slight off-beat twist; and five other truly unique artists. 


A grand opening for Emerge Gallery & Art Space will take place during the June 3 Saugerties First Friday. Musical duo Elena & Joe Mac will be performing classic rock and originals throughout the evening and Cuban bites will be provided by  Deli-cioso Deli and Bistro of Saugerties. Sangria will be served to those 21 and over. 


While at Emerge, be sure to check out the bathroom, which has been turned into an interactive art project. Artist Carmen Bury has covered the walls and ceiling with denim jeans and has stuffed the pockets with small gifts. Guests are asked to participate in the “Denim Cave” by taking a gift from our pockets and  leaving a gift for someone else from their own pockets. 


Emerge Gallery & Art Space is a wonderful setting for private parties and gatherings and is available for rental. The space is also available to rent for one week out of every month for solo and privately curated exhibitions.

Emerge Gallery & Art Space

228A Main Street, Saugerties, NY  (845) 247-7515

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