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Emerge Gallery Visits with Ceramic Artist Barbara Bravo

I had the pleasure of visiting with Saugerties artist Barbara Bravo who offered a bit of insight into the creation of her tile work. Three of Barbara's tile works are included in the exhibition "Exit 20: A Group Exhibition of Saugerties Artists."

View of Blue Mountain

White Earthenware Clay with Underglazes


White Earthenware Clay With Underglazes

Black Forest

White Earthenware Clay With Underglazes

Also by Barbara Bravo originally exhibited as part of "Petit"

On the Fence



My training as a potter and ceramic artist began in 1971 when I attended the Brooklyn Museum Art School. After more than 25 years as a limited-production potter with accounts coast-to-coast, I started to move beyond the classic designs that I had become known for and explore sculpted tiles. The tile format is the perfect canvas to receive simple as well as multi-layered designs. Each new piece that I create is a discovery of new techniques that I can apply to landscapes, animal and botanical studies. I never know where the clay is taking me, but it is a fascinating ride.

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