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Spotlight on artist Carol Herren Foerster

Carol Herren Foerster's "Hoofbeats" is one of over 40 pieces of art included in "Equine: A Group Exhibition of Art Celebrating the Horse" at Emerge Gallery in Saugerties, NY on exhibit through October 2, 2017.

Carol uses reference photographs for her drawings. She discusses capturing the right photograph for her drawings:

Carol recalls her childhood horse:


Pencil on paper

18" x 24"

The original of "Hoofbeats" is available to purchase by clicking here.

Reproduction prints of "Hoofbeats" are available by clicking here.

"Equine Portrait"

Reproduction prints of "Equine Portrait" are available by clicking here.


I was born in Pennsylvania and have lived in various states throughout my life. I am married and have two children, four step-children and 13 grandchildren. I enjoy pets and gardening. I became legally disabled due to an arm injury in the 1990's and have tried various jobs through the years, drawing is something I can do without too much pain. I always had an interest in art, particularly pencil drawing so this has worked out for me. The past five years I have been actively showing my art and my drawings have been accepted and won awards in shows around the country.

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