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Betsy Wilson Creates Gorgeous Forms from Upcycled Vintage Jewelry

Emerge Gallery is pleased to be exhibiting the collect "B' Jeweled" by artist Betsy Wilson as our window installation for November, 2017. We will be exhibiting Betsy's unique Christmas tress in December as well. Betsy's forms are created with upcycled vintage and costume jewelry and trinkets here and there. You can view and purchase these works through the "Pottery & Sculpture" section of our online shop.


Betsy G. Wilson is a self-taught artisan, working in watercolor and collage for several years. She has also always loved making beautiful things out of found objects. For these one-of-a kind artworks, she starts with a florist’s form and then covers it in carefully selected vintage and costume jewelry fragments she collects from small shops and individuals around the country. Each upcycled item is unique and cannot be replicated, but Betsy is happy to take commissions based on a certain color scheme or incorporating the client’s own family heirlooms and jewels. She and her husband Doug live in Saugerties, N.Y.

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