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Three artists discuss participating in Art & Words

22 artists and 21 poets created new art and poetry inspired by one another’s work for the exhibition "Art & Words." Three artists discuss their work and participation.

Andrea Geller discusses her new art inspired by the poem "Morning Mango" by Judith Lechner.

Morning Mango

Andrea Geller

Oil on cradled wood

12" x 12"


Oblong fruit

red-cheeked Humpty-Dumpty

wavering on porch railing.

Balanced in hand

its green tip tenders into yellow

then bursts into the rose of dawn.

A Harlequin costume to catch the eye

divert the mouth.

But not for long.

A slice of knife liberates

the smell of sea breeze

rich with morning sun.

Teeth comb strands of golden flesh

while sweet juice slides down the throat.

If I slept beneath a mango tree, would perfection pale?

— © Judith Lechner

Debra Friedkin discusses her art "Emergence" that inspired new poems by Barbara Hall and Patrick Hammer, Jr.


Debra Friedkin

Mixed media coillage

6” x 8” framed to 11” x 12”

this work inspired the poems


the wizard awakens as crows and ravens call his name

he stands tall in the mystical ether, white light swirls around him

he holds his ruby crystal amulet high with bony fingers

mankind, damaged by war, pestilence, ancient crucifixion, redemption

gathers wisdom captive in the glowing red orb

the ravens and crows have escaped to warn mankind:

the reversal has begun, native myths warned of this day of emergence

The Akashic Record Book has opened, the task done:

tablets of the past, present and future, unified with the Source, are open

the ruby crystal encapsulating the divine book of remembrance reveals all:

karmic debt, blockage, dreams, accomplishments, names etched in eternity

the tiny white dot of light now grows and glows red

the fire of knowledge has been lit

— © Barbara Hall


On a day like this

all the gulls are winging

away from the maelstrom,

all the sparrows,

blackbirds, all other feathered

kin are taking flight,

frightened of what grows,

radiates, pulses light

at the center of this day:

some rock uplifted,

in transubstantiation becoming

the crystalline beacon

of the world.

On a day like today

any crown would be metallic

like the silver one

that hovers in the sky.

O such a magnetic band.

Hands, hands, hands uncuffed,

unshackled, unhindered,

unrestrained, hover,

with rusty wounds they suffer

their stigmatas. They sign

a silent, prayerful language:

love, love, love emerging

despite all darkness

from below.

— © Patrick Hammer, Jr.

Theresa Landi Daniel discusses the inspiration behind her art and poem "Special Providence

Special Providence

Theresa Landi Daniel

Handmade paper with collaged elements

6.5” x 5” framed in red shadow box 9” x 9”

This art inspired the poem


....There is special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, 'tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come—

Hamlet, to Horatio

Nestled in fluff and woven twists,

hatchlings, a vibrating bloom of mouths,

deep diamond petal-points open,

held up like cups on bony necks.

Four spider-veined, pale hinges of want

yellow-yell demand,

more sway and pulse than sound.

Bird mother feeding-frantic.

Bobbing beak, and again - snips down throats.

Can she count? Equal shares; fill each cup....

Aside and under, a small bowed head,

eyes still closed - mouth clamped.

Opened perhaps briefly,

perhaps not. Need passed over,

or too weak to even try....

An exhale, a stir... rest,

against the nest,

beneath the nearest sibling mouth,

adrift then half-capsized,

jarred by its energy. That waiting hinge of want.

Flapping feeder returns

to a too-full nest,


Imbalance on the rim, claw-catch reflex spreads

and dips a wing

that slips in, through the angled fault

below the greedy, and above

the the silent one.

No demand, no diamond opened to be filled.

The briefest brush of the thin skull-cap,

the tender barely conscious dome,

against the soft of the outer wing.

The single moment

of contact

before swept over the edge

by the lift of a re-tucked wing.

— © Theresa Landi Daniel

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