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Artist Spotlight: Lucinda Abra

Water Guardian

Encaustic, oil and collage on wood 24" x 30.5"

Water Guardian is one of the pieces included in the current exhibition Cut Pieces: A Group Exhibition of Collage, on display at Emerge Gallery through July 2, 2018. Works from this exhibition, previous exhibitions and on-line exclusives are available to view and purchase through the on-line shop.

Lucinda Aba on why she created her collage Water Guardian

Lucinda Abra on how she created her collage Water Guardian


Lucinda Abra works in mixed media of encaustic, oil and collage. Each a fable of sort onto itself, this art seeks to breathe life into powerful global mythos and stories, using iconic characteristics of mythology and common archetypes towards a goal of self actualization for the sharing. It is within the contending with our more idealized selves an essential aspect is added towards each becoming a more clearly individualized, more wholly actualized person. The eyes being the windows to the soul, it is, after all, a potent prospect.

Abra is a member of the National Association of Women Artists. A local Hudson Valley artist, she has had over forty exhibitions, showing in the area, New York City, California and Europe. Her work includes album covers as well as private commissions. She has worked as a sculpting/artist assistant for such luminaries as Doug Johns (assistant to Eva Hess), Al Held, Mary Frank, Frank Stella, Julian Schnabel and Nancy Graves. She now works for Lowell Miller as a sculpting assistant.

At three years old she found an important item buried in the basement. Carting the heavy object up the stairs, she asked her mother what was inside. As her mother unlatched the battered, stained wooden box upon the Formica table, the scent of her long deceased grandfather’s oil paints entered into her heart. Asking if the paints could be hers, her mother replied yes, if she could replicate a bowl of fruit. Laboring for many days, the container of fruit long past prime, Abra has found her anchor, home, and truth. Since then she has never stopped pursuing her craft. No doubt, from somewhere both her artistic grandfather’s smile down upon her efforts. Or so she hopes.

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