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Emerge Gallery features monotypes by Susanna Ronner during Paper Trail exhibition

Emerge Gallery is pleased to present its inaugural Featured Artist during the Paper Trail: Works On Paper show. Featuring monotype artist Susanna Ronner, the featured work complements the art in the group show of works on paper. Ronner’s exhibit highlights a curated collection of new monoprints and runs concurrently with the group exhibit, which runs from March 7 - 29. An opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, March 7, 5-8 PM and a closing reception will take place Sunday, March 29,3-5 PM. Artwork is available to view and purchase on-line through the Emerge Gallery NY shop on Artsy (

“I’m pleased to represent Susanna Ronner’s work in this new gallery format,” says Gallery owner Robert Langdon. “We now have one wall in the gallery exclusively held for the work of a featured artist within the group show format. The wall is intended to highlight a collection of work by one artist that goes along with the theme of the group show on exhibit.”

The back wall of the Gallery space (about 13 ft long) makes a good platform for a featured exhibit, which is buttressed on each side by the works of many artists in the group show. Paper Trail features a collection of collages, pastels, oil, watercolor, ink, and other media, all on paper or created with 75% paper, by artists of the Hudson Valley and NY Metropolitan area.

Ronner talks about her work, saying “Thanks to designer and artist, Milton Glaser, I discovered monotypes. I found a new freedom in printmaking, which sparked my roots as an artist. A life-long career as a graphic designer complemented this new medium and my creative passion.”

“From the beginning,” she continues, ”my visual work has resonated to the emotional depths of music and dance . . .As with jazz, I approach each monotype plate as an improvisation — I meet the ‘canvas’ (acrylic plate) with trust and curiosity and see where it takes me. I’m thrilled that my design eye informs my art work and that my art work ignites my design imagination.”

Ronner is represented exclusively by Emerge Gallery on, where you can find a wide selection of her work available for purchase.

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