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jd weiss: within the silent moments — an ARTSY exclusive exhibition

Emerge Gallery is pleased to present jd weiss: within the silent moments, an exclusive on-line exhibition on ARTSY, running from June 15 - October 12, 2020. To view and purchase work in this exhibition, go to Artsy (

The exhibit features 36 works by Woodstock photographer jd weiss whose inspiration comes from the natural world around us. The exhibition includes hauntingly beautiful black and white landscapes from the Hudson Valley; tranquil Cape Cod seascape; portraits of flora and everyday natural objects; vistas with elements of the abstract; and a series of window frames that offer the viewer a glimpse into someone else’s world.

“It is the relationship we each have with nature that is explored throughout these images. They are open to each individuals interpretation,” says weiss. “The nature of time, and impermanence are also explored throughout these collections.”

weiss uses 6” x 6” medium format film cameras. The negatives are developed with a traditional darkroom chemical process, then scanned into a computer. “This allows for much more control of the image beyond what can be achieved in the darkroom” weiss explains, “while maintaining the unique properties that only medium format film has, such as producing subtle images with depth.”

The image is sometimes combined with multiple frames taken at the same location — or with added elements solely from the imagination — to create a more complete expressionistic experience for the viewer.

Only one print is made for each image at a time. If additional prints are to be made, the image is re-edited and newly realized with any additional thoughts about composition and emotional intent. The artist follows the lead of Ansel Adams who said “The negative is comparable to the composer's score and the print to its performance. Each performance differs in subtle ways.”

jd weiss is the recipient of multiple prizes and awards from the Woodstock Artists Association and Museum (WAAM) and New York Center for Photographic Art. Her work has been exhibited extensively at Emerge Gallery and at venues throughout the Hudson Valley.

Emerge Gallery is delighted to exclusively represent jd weiss on their ARTSY shop offering a wide selection of her photographs for sale, including works from previous exhibitions and on-line exclusives.

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