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"Isolation: Art Created During the Pandemic" artists discussion and virtual tour

Broadcast live on August 16, 2020. Curator Robert Langdon takes a look at the work created by 58 artists in isolation from March - July 2020 during the Covid pandemic. Loel Barr, Natalie Boburka, Lesley Bodzy, Elizabeth Caputo, Thomas Collins, Maxine Davidowitz, Tracy DiTolla, Mira Fink, Mayo Fujino, Tom Hackett, Andy Kainz, Linda Lynton, Marjorie Magid, Alex Markwith, Cari Marvelli, John McGiff, Ellen Niz, Christy O'Connor, Tony Schwab, Martina Sestakova, Elizabeth Shafer, Healther Stoltz, and Fredric Within join Robert to discuss their work and experiences during their time in isolation.

View the entire exhibition and purchase work through our Artsy shop.

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